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Dancing for Wellbeing - 6 Benefits

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

How can the power of dance positively impact our mind, body and soul?

The Power of Dance

Dance and music play a big role in our wellbeing rituals. Over our retreats and events, we've danced together many times - from sunrise sessions on our WBR Weekenders to autumn afternoons in our secret garden, even to our virtual halloween discos and more. Movement is medicine, and dancing is one of our favourite remedies for our mind, body and soul.

The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of dancing are endless... but let's explore just a few of the amazing ways in which dancing supports our health and wellbeing...

1. Physical Health

Dancing is a wonderful way to exercise and is great for maintaining a healthy , well functioning cardiovascular system, strengthening muscles, improving flexibility, endurance, aerobic capacity, balance, coordination and agility. It's a fun way to get your cardio in!

2. Mood Boosting

Dancing is a highly expressive outlet for physical and emotional release, allowing us to escape,

let loose and process so much. Research has shown that dancing can do wonders to alleviate and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. When we dance, our bodies release even more endorphins than typical aerobic movement, which uplifts us with feelings of joy and euphoria.

3. Cognitive Health

Along with mental health benefits, dancing is great for all kinds of improved cognitive health. Dancing keeps your brain in good shape as it requires a combination of vision, rhythm, balance, coordination and multi-planar movement. Studies also suggest that frequent dancing can reduce the risk of dementia by an amazing 76%.

4. Deep Connection

When we dance, we surrender to the primal energy

of life and can often reach “spiritual” states of being, characterised by inner freedom and expansiveness. Dancing helps us to deep dive in such a way that we may reach a higher consciousness, transcending time, space and our perceived reality. Dance in many ways can guide us to the truth of who we are beyond our names, beliefs, titles, achievements, memories, and identities. Dance can open up a doorway to fully experience what is beyond thought and form; a path to merge with our eternal nature.

5. Increased Confidence & Self Esteem

People who dance regularly report a higher sense of self-esteem and confidence. Dancing is a powerful embodiment practice in which we truly enjoy our body and can learn better to love, accept and be more grateful for all it is and all it does too. A boosted self-confidence can unlock a cascade of magical new opportunities to live a happier, fuller life.

6. Togetherness

As an accessible form of physical activity, the benefits of dance are inclusive to all, and as such has long brought together many communities. Whether on a dancefloor, in a field, a tribal ritual or almost any form of celebrations, music and dancing connects and unites us, forever reminding us that we are one.

Dancing is an amazing tool for overall wellbeing and upflifting our spirits. Whether you're a seasoned dancer, or someone who's never really danced before, incorportating this into your routine can bring more joy and vitality and connection into your life. There’s no right or wrong way to dance, only freedom to express ourselves and to embrace the joy of movement!

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