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Recipe: Sisters of the Moon Latte

This pretty pink latte (named after a Fleetwood Mac song because Stevie Nicks is an icon) is a warming, hormone balancing elixir fit for a kween!

As our hormones influence our mood, sleep, focus, skin, hair, weight and cognitive function. keeping them in balance is pretty essential. That's where the adaptogen maca comes in, much loved for improved female health and helping keep things in check - it is also known to help reduce symptoms of pms

and menopause.

Alongside Maca in this recipe is medicinal mushroom (boasting anti-inflammatory properties and boosting energy levels) and beetroot (mega superfood packed with essential nutrients and benefits that include

improving circulation and supporting cardiovascular health).

All together this luxurious latte will give you that caffeine-free boost needed to take on whatever the day has in store!


(Serves 1)

1 tsp - beetroot powder

1/2 tsp - maca

1/4 tsp - vanilla extract

1 tsp - maple syrup / honey

250ml - oat milk

50ml - hot water


Heat oat milk using a steamer or in a small saucepan on a medium heat using a whisk to froth. Be careful not to burn the milk.

In a mug, whisk to combine your powders with your choice of sweetener, vanilla extract and 50ml of hot water.

Pour in half your hot, frothy milk and stir, before pouring the remaining milk into your mug, scooping the foam to sit on top.

Sprinkle with cinnamon (if you wish) and serve!

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