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An inclusive, diverse and accessible journey of holistic wellbeing and community connection.

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Wellbeing Rituals was created with the intention of offering an inclusive and accessible safe space to focus on our self-care and personal growth connect with the support of a soulful community.

In 2020, the world as we knew it changed and in this incredibly intense and energetically transformation time we plunged into, we had to adapt to a new way of living. Through this, many of us found we were able to see and feel more clearly the needs in our lives we had been neglecting, that which we needed to change, many things we things we needed our eyes (and ears) opened to and that which truly brings us comfort, joy and contentment. 

Wellbeing Rituals began as a yoga accountability group 'Yoga Buds' (created by Mica Francis-Angel) in the early days of the global pandemic and soon developed into an online community and virtual wellbeing retreats.

This space and all that is within it became a somewhat antidote to our feelings of isolation, slumped motivation, unstable mood and energy, the stresses of our modern lives and the struggles and discriminations of marginalised folks in the far from inclusive (often very problematic) wellness industry.

Wellbeing Rituals is about cultivating love, inspiration, unity and alignment individually and collectively through holistic soulcare.

Here we bring together physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing practices delivered in a way that feels real and down-to-earth.

Diversity is celebrated and whatever your race, gender, body, age and ability, all are welcomed, respected and encouraged to be their most authentic self in this space. 

Holistic wellbeing means caring for our whole self - from diet to exercise to mental, spiritual and emotional health. However to truly be ‘well’ these practices need to extend to caring for our social and environmental wellbeing too.

It’s easy to underestimate our ability to make positive changes in ourselves, let alone in the world - it can all be pretty overwhelming and intimidating sometimes, particularly when we are sold a narrow definition of ‘wellness’ that we do not fit into leaving us feeling invisible, insecure, unwelcome and guarded.  This is why creating more openness, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in the world of wellness and supporting those more vulnerable to exclusion is so vital. The reality is, we are as vulnerable as our most vulnerable. We are all deserving of wellness and representation. This is why Wellbeing Rituals centres facilitators, teachers and practitioners of colour, encourages conscious social and environmental awareness and activism and offers a wide variety of options and flexibility for retreats and workshops to fit many lifestyles as well as offering affordable rates with low-income discount options for anyone experiencing financial difficulties (no questions asked).

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